16 Days
Osaka * Fisherman's Village * Matsue * Kinosaki * Country Home Stay * Kyoto

Travel through central Japan to experience Japanese living first hand. Attend a Samurai Parade with mounted Samurai in traditional Japanese armor, with long swords at their side and ancestral flag staffs streaming from their backs. Travel to the seaside where you will be among the lucky fiew to stay in a real home, learn healthy Japanese cooking and share dinner with the local people to experience authentic Japan! Luxuriate in an outdoor bath overlooking the sea. Observe children practicing the 8th century Kagura Dance performed to give thanks for a good harvest and as a purification ritual. A special treat is a visit to the quilt museum to see quilts made from antique kimonos. See gorgeous pottery at an authentic pottery workshop - know among artists the world over. In less-visited Matsue, explore the castle preserved in tis original state and sip tea in an 18th century teahouse. Rejuvenate in the spas fed by geothermal sources below the town of Kinosaki, one of Japan's hot springs resort. Stay in a lovely country home built in traditional architecture away from the big city. Your wonderful host enthusiastically shares her culture, cuisine, art and age-old traditions while showing you how to properly wear a kimono! Visit 700 year old temples and walk along the back streets of Kyoto to buy antique kimonos where the local people shop. You will return with a better understanding of Japan's rich cultural heritage and true essence of eastern hospitality.

2014: Nov 6 - 21 Festival (Kumano Shrine Fire Festival)
2015: Similar dates Festival

Land Package: $7270 (4 members)
+$310 (3 members)
+$720 (2 members)
Single Supplement: $960

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