16 Days
Osaka * Counntry Home Stay * Shogun Festival * Nara * Kyoto * Kurashiki * Matsue * Fisherman's Village

The ancient culture of the samurai in Japan created extremes of immense beauty and brutality. Experience ultimate Japanese hospitality while staying in an ancestral country home and learn about the brave and honorable samurai warriors. Attend a local Shogun Festival the incudes a wonderful parade, music, Japanese festival food and people in traditional dress. Enjoy a private 0koto (Japanese harp) performance and kendo (Japanese fencing) passed down from the samurai. Travel to Nara to visit Todaiji Temple, one of Japans's most famous and historically significant temples and landmark of Nara. Visit temples and shrines dedicated to famous samurai lords and legends. Stay in a Samurai house in Matsue, known for its 18th century teahouses and one of Japan's last surviving medieval castles preserved in its original wooden form. Travel to the seaside and attend a well known shrine festival featuring Yabusame, a type of mounted archery. Riders and steeds go through an extended blessing ceremony and are dressed head to toe in exquisite traditional finery.

2014: May 1 - 16 Festival (Shogun Mitsuhide Festival)
2015: Similar dates Festival

Land Package: $6860 (4 members)
+$320 (3 members)
+$410 (2 members)

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